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Happy Hump Day!  If there is one word to describe my current style choices, it's COMFORT!  Working a full time job along with entrepreneurship has left a lot less time for everything else in my life. I avoid anything that distracts me from focusing on what's important.  Zero fuss is the name of the game, so as of late I gravitate towards real, beautiful clothes that I can live and work in. Versatility and comfort are increasingly important factors for my personal style and my rule of thumb is to wear an ensemble that will survive the entire day.

Which is why it's no surprise that when it comes to the dos and don'ts of getting dressed, the women who inspire my style have one thing in common: They choose comfort and versatility when picking out their outfit.  Whether you’re simply not the killer heels type of girl or you’re looking for some fresh outfit inspiration, I'm here to prove a great outfit doesn't require a pair of heels.  I'm always on the hunt for a modern tuxedo blazer so you can image my excitement when I stumble onto this gem from Nordstrom Rack.......which never disappoints!  I paired a staple turtleneck sweater, with timeless cigarette pants from my fav Banana Republic .  And completed the look with the star of the show, a pair of classic, clean and modern adidas sneaker.

Photographer:   Aaron J. Velasquez  

Photographer:  Aaron J. Velasquez 

tuxedo blazer:  aBS by allen schwartz (sold out) Similar | Turtleneck: seen here  | Cigarette pants: banana republic (sold out) similar | Adidas sneakers: purchase here  | Shades: Prada (sold out) similar | Clutch:  Seen here  |  Earrings: (Thrifted)  | lipstick:  L'oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss Purchase here

The cross pollination of style and sport has been a favorite at the street level for quite some time. Now the fashion elite is making comfy kicks look cooler than ever. Check out some of my favorite looks below. 


Sneakers paired with upscale ensembles will not go out style anytime soon. Do you plan to take a cue from the notable street style stylistas and inject a little comfort into your wardrobe this season?

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Happy Wednesday beautiful people!   The past couple of months have been somewhat busy and I haven’t had the time to take pics for my beloved “Outfit of the Day" posts.  These images were taken two months ago by one of my favorite photographers Tori Beechum.  Regardless, I plan to make more of an effort to schedule and post on a consistent basis and wanted to create an outfit focusing on my thrifting and vintage finds.  I use to be obsessed with thrifting because in my mind I was saving so much money………until I was swimming in a sea of clothes. The abundance of clothes started to become overwhelming to say the least.  

Since the start of the New Year, my goal has been to declutter and eventually live a minimalist lifestyle.   Now my focus is more on vintage hunting and shopping my closet. The decision to bring new life to the items already in my wardrobe has sparked my creativity in a new refreshing way.  Also, when I stumble across unique one-of-a-kind vintage treasures it makes me feel like I'm stepping into a time machine and flashing back to a different era.  For my outfit I wanted to keep it in the family of mixing athletic with dressy.  My style mantra is more about comfort these days and choosing to dress up my casual gap t-shirt with a metallic thrifted skirt was the perfect pairing.  Summer is the time of the year where I incorporate some type of athletic gear daily.  For years I have always loved to mix high and low items and if you pick the right kind of low, it can look amazing with higher-end accessories.  

Shades  - Ray Bans (seen here) |  Gold choker  - Vintage (similar here) |  Grey Shir t - The Gap  (here)  |  Belt  - Dillard's OLD ( similar here )  |  Skirt  - Thrifted from  Bad Granny's Bazaar.  (similar here) |  Shoes  - Tory Burch  (here ) |  Bracelets  - Nordstrom (similar here) |  Clutch  - (seen here) |  Earrings  - (seen here).  

Shades - Ray Bans (seen here) | Gold choker - Vintage (similar here) | Grey Shirt - The Gap (here) | Belt - Dillard's OLD (similar here)  | Skirt - Thrifted from Bad Granny's Bazaar. (similar here) | Shoes - Tory Burch (here) | Bracelets - Nordstrom (similar here) | Clutch - (seen here) | Earrings - (seen here).  

For some of my serious fashionistas, vintage and thrift shopping can be a great past time.  It's about the thrill of the hunt and it's satisfying to your soul to unearth an incredible piece or two.   However, everyone is not a professional shopper like myself and learning how to buy vintage and thrifted items can be intimidating for some.  I have definitely learned some tricks along the way and wanted to share some tips with you: 

My TOP 7 tips to make thrifting and vintage shopping more successful:

1.  Keep a list of “Want” & “Need”.  Thrifting in particular can become overwhelming and it's best to keep a list of things you are in the market for.  The goal is to fill in functional gaps in your wardrobe for the LOW!   

2.  Check for stains, working zippers, and holes.  (Zippers can be replaced).

3.  Be open-minded and venture outside your comfort zone regarding unique pieces.  If an item is too big, tailor it because everything can be nip and tucked into the perfect piece. 

4.  Ask the vintage dealer about other items not on display. They usually have a secret stash in the back.

5.  ONLY BUY WHAT YOU LOVE!  If in doubt, DON’T.  Make sure you ONLY purchase items you will wear. Again, add functional items to your wardrobe.

6.  Beware of fakes.  Know the difference between vintage and thrift.  When in doubt, google it.  

7.  Be prepared.  Wear comfy clothes just in case they don’t have a dressing room. You can try on a pair of pants, shorts or a dress in the isle. 

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Forget tight dresses and stuffy fabrics and embrace an unexpected "Sporty Chic" element!  Don’t be thrown, these sporty looks are very feminine, the key is to match pretty with active. This style is about stepping outside the box and pairing cute loose silhouettes with cropped jackets, ball caps, and a fresh pair of kicks (sneakers). The look will definitely set you apart from the masses.  Softer color hues and fabrics can also bridge the gap between the sporty and sophisticated. The results are the perfect combination of feminine and comfort!!!



The baseball cap is the easiest way to pull off the sporty chic look – not to mention the best way to hide a bad hair day!!!




The quickest way to go from casual to sporty chic is to throw on a sports jacket. Style with a pair of jean or skirt a varsity jacket and baseball cap is one of  my favorite staples for the fall. 




Not a fan of varsity jackets…..designer’s sweatshirts is the new hotness. The sweatshirt had a huge comeback last fall, which also happens to be a great transitional piece from winter to spring.




What's amazing is that timeless pieces may consists of a variety of sports bras depending on your lifestyle. So why not incorporate this element into your everyday ensembles. Tip:  The sports bra can be pulled down to "cover" if need be (if you catch my drift).  




Sweatpants and or track pants are excellent options for the sporty chic element.  To make these relaxed pants look a little more chic, pair them with a luxe fur and or cute pair of pumps to complete the outfit.  




With sporty chic, you should almost always wear a pair of sneakers. Well now you can have your cake and eat it, too, with a feminine chic skirt or dress and sneakers that completes the sporty trend in two simple steps. 




A great opportunity is offered with the addition of athletic socks, to add bright and fresh pointed heels, platforms, and or  strappy sandals, in any color is the order of the day when it comes to footwear.


Sporty chic is the perfect cheat for lazy day dressing. You don't have a think a whole lot. Just grab your joggers or your track pants and top it off with your t-shirt or your favorite sports team jersey. Pull it all together with some pointy-toe heels and that way you'll still have those feminine elements and touches!!!

TIP:  For those who are not used to this look, start with accessories like a simple hat, colourful duffel bag, or sporty watch to add a touch of sporty to any outfit.

Now the ball is in your court!  How will you style this athletic inspired trend?    

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