Last year I came to the realization that I have lived thirty-seven years without knowing what it really means to love and take care of myself. Embodying an authentic vibe in this noisy confusion life will lead you to believe taking care of yourself is a problem. Don’t get me wrong, life is good, I work hard, and played harder.  Then one day, I woke up and realized I take good care of myself—on the outside. Along the way I managed to forget how to take care of my inner world. When I made the decision to walk and live in the space of this new vibe, something magical happened. By allowing myself to acknowledge that changes, challenges, and hardships are here to deepen me and to remind me I do get a second chance.  

Taking care of you is not as easy as it looks because it takes a lot of dedication and continuous effort every single day.  When I made the decision to place a higher value on my time, the precious gift to wake up each day complete in my pursuit of wholeness, surprisingly, my days started to become more inviting again. Whether it’s going to the gym, feeding my body healthy fuel, and or taking time to relax and meditate at the end of the day, I realized I’m doing a disservice by not by connecting to who I am—to nurture myself from the inside out.  Authenticity is underrated and there's no dollar amount that can be place on a vibe that ultimately results in inner peace. We have the right and responsibility to live consciously.  So why cheat yourself or the universe of radiating good vibes into the sometimes unforgiving world.  Essentially, when we stop properly taking care of ourselves, it can cause us to get out of balance and lose our power on how to take care of others. 

Photographer:  Aaron Velasquez



Denim dress:  Purchased from a local boutique sale (Similar) | Patch work denim pants: New York & Company - Sold out (Similar) |  White sandals:  Calvin Klein - Seen here  |  Shades:  Michael Kors - Seen here   | Earrings: BCBG - Sold out (Another cool option here) |  Bandana:  Local beauty supply store (Better option here) | Clutch: ASOS - Sold out (Similar)  


Thank you for joining me on this ride of self-reflection.  When I started blogging again, I promised myself to stay true and honor who I AM at the present moment. Blogging is an outlet for me and it encompasses more than an "OOTD" ! It's more so about self discovery with a heavy dose of style sprinkled in. My hashtag on social media is #MORETHANSTYLE and I have decided going forward I will not let anything or anyone dictate what I present to the world because what I have to offer is MORE THAN STYLE.  It's an infectious vibe when we honor what our spirit is telling us because it will ignite the path to living a life fulfilled. 

Until next time with love,



Happy Friday! For those of you that may not know during the day I work a corporate job in the insurance industry after switching careers as a 2nd grade teacher.   In the recent years (actually the past 5 years) I started taking steps towards pursuing my dreams as a wardrobe stylist and image consultant.  One aspect of my job as an image consultant is to introduce clients to style options they wouldn't normally consider.  Your visual presentation is key to making in a lasting impression.  It starts with investing in statement pieces that will take you through season to season.  My blog post "5 Steps to Develop Your Personal Style" is an excellent resource for all my style challenged men and women.  

Your wardrobe should contain amazing choices that you will not hesitate to wear.  We all have that one item you cannot wear anymore because you a spent a week's salary on it in 1999 and can't bear to part with it.  If it doesn't look good on you now, it shouldn't be there.  To achieve a successful visual presentation you must develop a functional wardrobe that serves you well.  You should wake up in the morning and be inspired by what's in your wardrobe.  20 black shirts offer little inspiration but one beaded vintage skirt brings excitement to get up, dress up, and face the day!  A good rule of thumb is for every 20 items you lay to rest, you can buy ONE "knock em dead" piece that fits into your new revamped wardrobe.  

Listed below are Some unbreakable laws that provide structure that will ensure your wardrobe is functional and adaptable:


1.  Purchase key items and get rid of the rest.  It's much easier to be inspired when you see five remarkable pieces rather 25 pieces and 20 of those are unremarkable. 

2.  Always buy the correct size.  Don't purchase a smaller size because you're planning on losing weight. Only purchase items that serve you in the present.  

3.  Be wary of bargains.  Buy what you are going to wear and love.  IF YOU DON'T NEED IT DON'T PURCHASE!

4.  Steer clear of trends.   Wear what suits your lifestyle and what makes you feel confident and timeless. 

5.  Comfortable doesn't have to mean boring. Don't play it too safe.  There is a fine line between graphic shirt and jeans and a sweat suit you wear for the cleaning the house. 

6.  Quality always beats quantity.  Only purchase the best or your perceived best of something rather than a lot of cheap or less valuable versions.  

7.  Do not expect to find your staple pieces in one shopping trip. Building a quality wardrobe is the result of an investment mindset.  Purchasing quality at a discounted prices is cost effective, if you are willing to spend the time. 


I'm here for you.......What are some of your struggles with finding your style? Comment below!

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Happy Hump Day Beautiful People!  The new year is around the corner and rather than compile a list of my favorite posts or what I have learned, I thought I would share one last "OOTD" post for 2K16. Back when I first started blogging in 2011 under my previous brand name "Qrush Velvet",  it felt more like an obligation and not an outlet.  At the beginning of the year when I decided to start blogging again I promised myself to have fun and not force myself to post what's not authentically me.  This time around all of my posts felt honest and surprisingly within the process I fell in love with blogging again.  It's gratifying to see the growth in my style and personal development.  Drawing the line from placing unrealistic expectations on myself allowed me the freedom to JUST DO ME! 

Winter is my favorite fashion season! It's time to layer up the jackets, sweaters, or leather pants and load up on cute winter accessories like fur or faux fur earmuffs. During this time, I feel the majority of us have the one go-to color for the season.  Personally, I'm not loyal to one color but when I'm not sure what to wear or feeling a little indecisive, I always return to the classic......Back To Black!  In my opinion, anyone can wear all black and instantly look simple yet stylish.  I am certainly no stranger to practical pieces and keeping my outfits minimal and clean is a must lately.  So when I finally got my hands on the perfect long vest coat for the season I was excited to add another staple piece to my wardrobe. Adding a draped vest coat over the top of any outfit is the ideal way to layer for warmth yet have the ability to appear put-together.  The key to this look is stick to a solid color and then mix it up with your accessories.  

Photographer:  J O N C E

Photographer: J O N C E

Sleeveless long vest:  Topshop |  Body Suit: Asos (old) | Wide leg trousers:  Eileen Fisher | Open toe platform shoes: Stuart Weitzman |  Faux Fur clutch:  Express (old)  seen here   | Bracelet: Versona | Earrings & brooches:  Natasha, Dillards | Shades: YSL.  

Sleeveless long vest:  Topshop |  Body Suit: Asos (old) | Wide leg trousers:  Eileen Fisher | Open toe platform shoes: Stuart Weitzman |  Faux Fur clutch:  Express (old) seen here  | Bracelet: Versona | Earrings & brooches:  Natasha, Dillards | Shades: YSL.  


I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all their support throughout my blog journey, particularly the Hope, Lies, and Uterine Fibroids story.    What means the most is sharing a little of my personal life with old and new friends.  After a year of consistent blogging I feel more confident and looking forward to creating NEW exciting content for 2K17.  


Until Next Time With Love,