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Happy Friday!  We made it through another week!!  Styling your wardrobe in Oklahoma City during the winter is nothing but a game of roulette.  I sometimes miss the good ole days when the weather was consistent with the time of year because it made life a little simpler. Here in OKC the weather is consistently unpredictable, and forces me to leave behind my style logic.  So instead of grabbing my warmest trench coat and sweater combo I’m forced to think about the possibility of the weather changing from 30 degrees to 80 by the afternoon.....That’s my life right now!!!  Fall and winter is my favorite season and I haven’t scratched the surface of displaying some of my favorite go-to pieces because of the warmer temperatures.  But, I decided to throw away the weather man's predictions and style my outfit based on the season. Go me!!!  

Velvet is one of my favorite materials this season, for obvious reasons.  It is a fall/winter style must have. From boots, tops, and dresses this 90's trend is back and hitting the mark. With my jammed packed schedule, I rely on tried-and-true pieces that will not have me stressed out.  My blue velvet Report booties were the perfect choice for the day!  I picked up this colorful faux fur vest and beanie hat during one of my “ONLY PURCHASE ON SALE”  shopping excursions at Dillard's and Nordstrom Rack.  The vest is soft and super comfortable, but at the same time feminine with a hint of nostalgia. My stable leather pants and velvet booties are always the perfect statement when I want to look chic with minimum effort.  Then I decided to reach back to quintessential Eureka and pile on all the accessories.  I paired the look with my favorite fingerless motorcycle leather gloves and Badgley Mischka bag with rabbit tail in tow. To maximize the look, I also added my favorite Prada sunnies and beloved "Art" belt!


Photographer:  JONC.E



STRIPED SHIRT :  Thrifted - Similar   |  FAUX FUR VEST: (Sold Out) Similar   |  LEATHER PANTS: Seen Here   | VELVET BOOTIES:  Seen Here |  LEATHER CUT OUT GLOVES:  Seen Here |  CROSS BODY BAG:  Seen Here |  SHADES:  Seen Here  | HAT :  Nordstrom (Sold out) - Similar  | GOLD HOOPS:  Gifted - Similar


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Happy Wednesday beautiful people!   The past couple of months have been somewhat busy and I haven’t had the time to take pics for my beloved “Outfit of the Day" posts.  These images were taken two months ago by one of my favorite photographers Tori Beechum.  Regardless, I plan to make more of an effort to schedule and post on a consistent basis and wanted to create an outfit focusing on my thrifting and vintage finds.  I use to be obsessed with thrifting because in my mind I was saving so much money………until I was swimming in a sea of clothes. The abundance of clothes started to become overwhelming to say the least.  

Since the start of the New Year, my goal has been to declutter and eventually live a minimalist lifestyle.   Now my focus is more on vintage hunting and shopping my closet. The decision to bring new life to the items already in my wardrobe has sparked my creativity in a new refreshing way.  Also, when I stumble across unique one-of-a-kind vintage treasures it makes me feel like I'm stepping into a time machine and flashing back to a different era.  For my outfit I wanted to keep it in the family of mixing athletic with dressy.  My style mantra is more about comfort these days and choosing to dress up my casual gap t-shirt with a metallic thrifted skirt was the perfect pairing.  Summer is the time of the year where I incorporate some type of athletic gear daily.  For years I have always loved to mix high and low items and if you pick the right kind of low, it can look amazing with higher-end accessories.  

Shades  - Ray Bans (seen here) |  Gold choker  - Vintage (similar here) |  Grey Shir t - The Gap  (here)  |  Belt  - Dillard's OLD ( similar here )  |  Skirt  - Thrifted from  Bad Granny's Bazaar.  (similar here) |  Shoes  - Tory Burch  (here ) |  Bracelets  - Nordstrom (similar here) |  Clutch  - (seen here) |  Earrings  - (seen here).  

Shades - Ray Bans (seen here) | Gold choker - Vintage (similar here) | Grey Shirt - The Gap (here) | Belt - Dillard's OLD (similar here)  | Skirt - Thrifted from Bad Granny's Bazaar. (similar here) | Shoes - Tory Burch (here) | Bracelets - Nordstrom (similar here) | Clutch - (seen here) | Earrings - (seen here).  

For some of my serious fashionistas, vintage and thrift shopping can be a great past time.  It's about the thrill of the hunt and it's satisfying to your soul to unearth an incredible piece or two.   However, everyone is not a professional shopper like myself and learning how to buy vintage and thrifted items can be intimidating for some.  I have definitely learned some tricks along the way and wanted to share some tips with you: 

My TOP 7 tips to make thrifting and vintage shopping more successful:

1.  Keep a list of “Want” & “Need”.  Thrifting in particular can become overwhelming and it's best to keep a list of things you are in the market for.  The goal is to fill in functional gaps in your wardrobe for the LOW!   

2.  Check for stains, working zippers, and holes.  (Zippers can be replaced).

3.  Be open-minded and venture outside your comfort zone regarding unique pieces.  If an item is too big, tailor it because everything can be nip and tucked into the perfect piece. 

4.  Ask the vintage dealer about other items not on display. They usually have a secret stash in the back.

5.  ONLY BUY WHAT YOU LOVE!  If in doubt, DON’T.  Make sure you ONLY purchase items you will wear. Again, add functional items to your wardrobe.

6.  Beware of fakes.  Know the difference between vintage and thrift.  When in doubt, google it.  

7.  Be prepared.  Wear comfy clothes just in case they don’t have a dressing room. You can try on a pair of pants, shorts or a dress in the isle. 

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Fashionistas from all over the world are loving all things striped.  There are a few items in my style arsenal that'll  never fall out of favor with me:  LBD's (Little Black Dress), denim, leather, and classic stripes. Filed under FOREVER STAPLE,  the possibilities are endless with this wardrobe favorite. Stripes are a classic pattern and can be interpreted in many different ways. I understand that some fashionistas may think this look appears difficult and a concept that doesn't fit into your lifestyle.  But it's SUPER EASY and it's all about pairing a striped shirt with a pair of striped pants!  I love this look for many reasons and it was a lot of fun.  Adding a touch of whimsy with my favorite vintage Liz Claiborne hat made for the perfect pairing. 

Captured by   beech photography   

Captured by beech photography 

unnamed (1).jpg stripe.jpg
Hat- Vintage Liz Claiborne (similar  here )  | Shades - Ray Bans (seen   here  ) | Necklace - thrifted (similar   here  ) | Striped Shirt - Nordstrom (similar  here)   | Wide Leg Pants -    Banana Republic   | Shoes - Sam Edelman SOLD OUT (similar   here  )  | Cuff - House of Harlow (seen   here  ) | Clutch - ASOS SOLD OUT (similar  here ).    

Hat- Vintage Liz Claiborne (similar here)  | Shades - Ray Bans (seen here) | Necklace - thrifted (similar here) | Striped Shirt - Nordstrom (similar here)  | Wide Leg Pants -  Banana Republic | Shoes - Sam Edelman SOLD OUT (similar here)  | Cuff - House of Harlow (seen here) | Clutch - ASOS SOLD OUT (similar here).    

Striped street style looks are popping up everywhere at the moment.  You can keep your outfit classic with bold and bright colored stripes to more of a conservative look by pairing a striped top with skinny jeans or go a bit crazy like me and mix up your prints. 

How do you wear stripes?  Which of these striped #streetstyle looks grab your attention?   Let me know in the comments below! 

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