Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going great so far.  Given that I’m a stylist and fashion enthusiast, I’m constantly inspired by everything and everyone.  The fashion houses, personal street style gurus, or the everyday stylish guy/gal deposit into my fashion bank account daily.  Recreating style inspirations with the Velvet Lope touch (of course) can be a gift and curse. Spending money on expendable clothes with no real value doesn’t feed my spirit animal anymore.  The gift of becoming older and wiser will cause oneself to reevaluate what’s important.  

My focus is to pursue what feeds my spirit like saving, creating memories with family/friends and traveling the world to name a few. Make no mistake I will still invest in pieces that speak to me when the fashion gods shine on a particular item......... only makes logical sense, right? But one of my personal goals this year is to choose well, buy less and shop the TREASURES already in my CLOSET. The fact I have had all the pieces in this post except for the shoes for over a year (the gloves over 6 yrs, smh) and they're just now making an appearance confirms I'm finally on the right track!  

Photographer ~  Shawn Pilgrim

Photographer ~ Shawn Pilgrim

Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana (similar  here ) * Shirt Dress -thrifted (similar  here ) * Hot pink blazer - NIC + ZOE (similar  here )  * Earrings - Betsey Johnson (similar  here ) * Cross body bag - Badgley Mischka (seen  here ) * Shoes - Sam Edelman (seen  here ) * Leather finger-less gloves (similar  here)  .  

Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana (similar here) * Shirt Dress -thrifted (similar here) * Hot pink blazer - NIC + ZOE (similar here)  * Earrings - Betsey Johnson (similar here) * Cross body bag - Badgley Mischka (seen here) * Shoes - Sam Edelman (seen here) * Leather finger-less gloves (similar here) .  

Are you like me and find you need to limit your shopping?  What are your closet goals for the year......buy less, get organized, etc?  

Until next time,  

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