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Happy Wednesday! Recently had an epiphany and realized I have lost my no nonsense, fearless approach to style.  It's easy to get into a style rut and forget that once upon a time you gravitated towards edgy style choices.  In my early 20's I probably made a lot of fashion mistakes that wasn't considered fashion forward.  But fashion has never dictated my style choices and I love the fact I didn't play it safe and at the very least my looks were exciting.  In the recent years I have noticed my go-to outfits are basic as hell. Evolving into a signature style is a necessity but somewhere along the way I lost my edge. I have welcomed the process of finding a balance between the archived spicy Eureka and the present day Eureka with open arms! 

This look will work for anyone no matter the age or size and the fun part is all about accessories to spice up a not so basic outfit. When I first saw this gorgeous blazer in the Banana Republic  I grabbed it and immediately my mind knew exactly how I wanted to christen this new treasure.  It screams classic with a dash of unexpected chicness.  The foundation of the look is my winter go-to's  Free People  faux leather pants and Brian Atwood booties. Adding a embroidered clutch and the hottest shades right now  is the perfect pairing.   Lastly, a dash of bright colored purple hair and my new favorite red lipstick Shanghai Scarlet by L'oreal effortlessly completed this OOTD!

Photographer:   Aaron J. Velasquez  

Photographer:  Aaron J. Velasquez 


SHADES : Michael Kors | FAUX FUR COLLAR BLAZER :  Banana Republic - SOLD OUT (Similar) | CASHMERE TURTLENECK : Lord & Taylor (Similar) | FAUX LEATHER PANTS :  Free People SOLD OUT (Similar ) | BOOTIES : Brian Atwood (Seen here) | CLUTCH :  Tadashi SOLD OUT (Similar) |  BELT : Vintage Old 


Do you feel like you are in a style rut or do you have champagne taste on a tap water budget? As we evolve as individuals the basic principles of upgrading your style can become too much of a task to bear.  All hope is not lost, check out my budget friendly blog post "5 Steps To Develop Your Personal Style"    and start your style journey today.  

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Velvet Lope “Style Spotlight” consultations always include a sample of expert styling, where the client and I have a mini makeover session at a local clothing store.  During this process, majority of my client’s become energized, excited, and invigorated during the transformation.  After a few consultations with the same response, I started to realize there is a direct correlation between personal style and having a positive self-image.  People often wonder why personal styling should be considered as a tool to transform self-image.  When a person doesn’t have a positive self-image, it will directly affect their confidence and how they physically view themselves and ultimately how they operate in a sometimes unforgiving world. Expert styling can boost self-confidence, change moods, and give an extra bounce in your step to make you feel like you can do anything!!!   

The media portrays an unattainable standard of beauty making it impossible for people to ever to be satisfied with their look.  Proven studies state over 60% of society has a negative view about their appearance and feel stuck in a sartorial rut!  Majority of working men and women find it difficult to develop their personal style during the work week and it’s just easier to opt for casual lounge wear on the weekends. On more than one occasion there are days I wake up and don't feel like myself causing me to invite in self-defeating thoughts…...I struggle like everybody else.   Is my body perfect, HELL NO, is there room for improvement, ABSOLUTELY!!!   But I always take a moment to asset my negative thoughts and make a choice  to remind myself I’m here to SLAY in MIND, BODY, & SOUL!  You may not always have control over your appearance but you have the power to keep a positive attitude about yourself! 

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The simple act of what I affectionately like to call dressing with "self-love" is a ground breaking power and a constant reminder that I’m in control on how I feel about ME and what I want to present to the observing world.  When you create and cultivate your own personal style this allows you the freedom to have a positive self-image and grants the power to eclipse the human need for validation.  The preconceived notion that “well dressed” people have it all together is nothing more than mastering the act of LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, and DO GOOD CONNECTION.  Something magically happens when clients step into a style and color that makes their skin glow a little more and or enhance their natural assets in the right places.  As a result they start to view themselves in a new light and slowly remove the self-imposed blinders. Experiencing this first hand will make you a believer on how implementing small changes in your clothing can change the relationship with your body and your internal self for the better!  

4 GIFTS OF PERSONAL STYLING & keeping a positive self-image:

1.  A positive self-image through styling grants you the power to eclipse the HUMAN need for validation.  

2.   Personal style is one the easiest ways to transform your self-image. 

3.  Expert dressing is powerful for improving confidence and establishing your uniqueness.   

4.  Focusing on your positive attributes and highlighting what you love through clothing is a vital self-love tool. 

If you have already started making small changes towards your personal style, I would love to support you via social media.  Tag me on  Instagram  and or  Twitter  with the hashtag "  MORE THAN STYLE  " because it's just that. A movement towards building a society who fully believes and adorns their God given beauty!!!  

If you have already started making small changes towards your personal style, I would love to support you via social media.  Tag me on Instagram and or Twitter with the hashtag "MORE THAN STYLE" because it's just that. A movement towards building a society who fully believes and adorns their God given beauty!!!

Until next time with love,