Majority sporty men sincerely don’t know what to wear outside the gym and feel that if they were to “dress up” it would be too “dressed up” and it would not match their personality. The industry is proposing loosening things up?  Men now do not wear suits on a daily basis, there’s been a general loosening up of the rules of menswear.  The new men’s look goes a step beyond the corporate “business casual” style of blazer, dress shirt and slacks. It incorporates sporty items such as hoodies, puffer vests or jackets, camouflage patterns, sneakers, polo shirts and bomber jackets.  Giving the fellas some inspiration they can use to look effortless in something else than the dreaded track suit.  It's easier than you think!!!! 

When a suit or a tuxedo must be worn, designers and retailers are encouraging guys to inject some personality into it.

This new guy doesn’t live and breathe fashion or overthink his outfit—or at least is not supposed to look like he does.

Active wear may be an ever-growing street style trend (hello, sneaker mania), but there has always been something stopping us from stepping out looking like we’ve just come from a workout. It turns out, though, that your gym clothes are surprisingly transformable—add a few accessories, and you can easily take them out to lunch or for a day of shopping.  

   There are alternatives to tracksuits! Keep it monochromatic or go wild on prints, colors and textures. 


There are alternatives to tracksuits! Keep it monochromatic or go wild on prints, colors and textures. 

Get your GQ on with jogger pants teamed with a crisp button-up and unstructured sport coat.   Love a modern suit paired with a polo or cotton T-shirt.... and then paired with leather sneakers, or cashmere joggers with a tailored blazer and a sleeveless puffer vest to get the ultimate informal and formal combination

This new guy uses unconventional accessories to express his own style and personality.

No rules, remember, it’s all about feeling and looking great!  The secret is in the colors: the color combinations are big contrasts and they really make each clothing choice stand out. 

This sporty look was made for the street—but you can add a little more style cred with a brimmed hat.

More than just a trend, athletic-inspired styles are finding their way into every facet of menswear. The target guy is blurring the lines, in fashion and in life.  I imagine him going to the opera on his bike or on his skateboard!!!

Do you have a sporty personality? How do you balance the work-out clothes with the casual and formal clothes? Share your thoughts.... 

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