How many mistakes do you have hanging in your closet? Velvet Lope is your personal liaison between you and your closet. Shopping made easy!!!  Whether you have a few important items on your list or an entire wardrobe to conquer, Velvet Lope provides a stress free shopping experience. The service provides expert advice and gives the highest level of customized service possible!! By giving personalized attention and providing advanced knowledge of products, services, and trends, the experience becomes a trusted relationship for clients who want to enhanced their buying experience. 

What does a personal shopper do exactly?

In our first shopping trip together, you will learn about style, cut and, the ever important, fit. Only items that suit your style, body shape and color tone make the cut.  Also available for those busy men and women, personal shopping delivered right to your door.  I tackle your shopping list and bring wardrobe options to you to try on in the privacy of your own home. 

What's an appointment like?

I am unbiased when it comes to shopping locations, as I do not receive store commissions. We select the most appropriate places to shop together, based on your budget. Typically, the locations (locally or online) are based off your lifestyle, work environment, hobbies, and anything else he or she believes will influence their wardrobe. It takes several questions to paint a picture of what the "enhanced" YOU will look like.  The client will be guided to products and services that are particularly suited for their needs and desires.  


Velvet Lope personal shopping experience will forever change the way you view on buying clothes. Ready to go shopping? Book your personal shopping session today. A personal shopping session last for 3 hrs and each additional hr is $35

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