Ready to invest in an organized wardrobe that works?  By the time Velvet Lope is finished, you'll have a wardrobe plan that's practical and honors the life you're living. Your wardrobe planning session is designed to assist you in maximizing your wardrobe by mixing and matching your current apparel items to create new outfits and fill in functional gaps. During your 1 hour session in the privacy of your own home, a detailed shopping list and style report is created for you with key items that can be purchased within your customized budget to take your current wardrobe to the next level.  You will also learn what looks work for you and why.  We begin to define your personal style by sorting through your wardrobe and keeping only items that will help you achieve your new and improved personal style.  You will receive 3 style new looks from what is already in your closet and photos of your newly styled outfits will be used to start your personalized lookbook. 

Wardrobe Planning 60 minute in-home session

The number one thing you need is a strategy, a clear road map to steer you in the right direction, streamline your decision making for travel, events, and or day to day. The service is designed to bridge the gap to create a timeless collection of clothing that serves you for years to come. Updating and planning your wardrobe is a journey ... a fun and exciting one. Breathe. Velvet Lope Styling is here for you.